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Established in 2014, DOWNTOWN REAL ESTATE & BUILDERS has been providing quality services to all its clients. We are one of the most successful Property Consultants and Estate agents in Bahria Town Karachi. Having highly trained-professional and dedicated staff for Sales and Management, we are able to offer our clients great value for money and amazing after sales service.
We combine our passion with a system that works. You can be sure of great service every step of the way.
By choosing DOWNTOWN Properties, you can be assured of the support of a driven, committed and enthusiastic team. With our wide experience and understanding of the property market we will exceed your prospects.
DOWNTOWN Properties focuses on offering its customers a inspirational and authentic approach to selling & buying real estate. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide an exceptional level of service that is envied by others in the industry.

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Our Projects

Our properties each have their own unique design settled within flourishing communities that are created with luxury, security, delicacy and convenience at their core, providing our customers access to a lifestyle that is recognized globally as impressive, ambitious, and generous.

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DOWNTOWN Views| Bahria town karachi


Downtown Views


From the stunning views of the sea and the city to the majestic architecture combined with an extensive range of amenities.

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Bahria Town Karachi

Featured Properties

Handpicked properties by our team


Bahria Town Karachi


DT TOWER is the first commercial project of Downtown Real Estate & Builders and first Office Tower in Bahria town Karachi on main Jinnah avenue opposite Tauheed Square.
Our project is fully operational.

Bahria Town Karachi

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BAhria town karachi

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Bahria Town

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